Where Lifetime Meets Legacy

In the beautiful Gulf of Alaska, a remarkable natural event occurs where the sediment-rich waters from glacial rivers meet the open ocean. Known as “the place where two oceans meet,” this site visually exemplifies how distinct entities interact yet resist blending. Much like these merging waters, family wealth comprises two distinct realms: the lifetime pool and the legacy pool. 

The lifetime pool of wealth ensures that day-to-day expenses and future retirement needs are met. The legacy pool, however, represents surplus wealth that will be transferred to the next generations and is also available to support your philanthropic passions. Identifying the value of these pools requires diligent calculation using expert financial planning tools to develop forecasts.

lifetime legacy chart

Investment strategies diverge significantly between these pools. The lifetime pool demands stable, liquid investments to maintain living standards, whereas the legacy pool can pursue longer term and less liquid strategies.

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For example, integrating permanent life insurance into the legacy strategy can provide a tax-efficient method to enhance wealth transfer to future generations and facilitate philanthropic endeavours.

lifetime pie chart 1
legacy pie chart
combined pie chart

No single strategy fits all, reflecting the unique circumstances and values of each family that we partner with in providing customized wealth management plans. Our personalized approach not only preserves but increases financial legacies and philanthropic goals.

We care about helping you achieve peace of mind and ensuring your wealth fulfills its potential across generations.

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Doug Leyland CPA, CA, MBA

President, Leyland & Matters Private Client Insurance Advisors

Doug Leyland brings over three decades of wealth management expertise to high net worth individuals and business owners. A Chartered Accountant with an MBA, Doug excels in crafting integrated estate and tax planning strategies that safeguard clients’ legacies using complex life insurance strategies.