The 3 C’s of Directed Wealth Transfer

Navigating the future of your wealth and legacy involves critical decisions and strategic foresight. We know just how daunting managing wealth and making decisions surrounding its transfer can be for both individuals and business owners.

The reality is that there are but three and only three potential destinations for your wealth and they all coincidentally start with the letter C. 

  1. Children or Family: Critical strategic planning ensures that your wealth is directed to supporting your family as you intend, without unnecessary and unwanted tax burden.
  1. Charity: Your passion for philanthropy does not need to end with your lifetime. In fact, customized solutions provide much needed financial support to the charities or causes that are meaningful to you, in perpetuity.
  1. CRA: Without meticulous planning, a sizeable portion of your estate can end up being distributed to CRA rather than those you care about. But with the right strategies potential tax liabilities can be redirected to your chosen beneficiaries, preserving more of your legacy just as you intended.

The decisions you make today will define your legacy. 

So, how can we help? At Leyland & Matters Private Client Insurance Advisors we are experts in providing tax-efficient life insurance solutions ensuring that your legacy is protected against tax erosion.

Just as you are unique, so is your legacy. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Working with you we craft your life insurance strategy specifically to ensure your aspirations are met. And we believe that knowledge is power – keeping you informed of new products, tax strategies and regulatory changes that could impact your plans as well as providing continuous support based on your evolving wishes, underpins everything that we do.

We’re really just scraping the surface here, so to learn more, reach out to me directly at 905-331-2885 or [email protected].

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Jordan Matters CPA, CA, CIM

Partner, Leyland & Matters Private Client Insurance Advisors

Jordan brings focused expertise in accounting, taxation, and investment management. A graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Accounting from Brock University, Jordan’s career transitioned from public accounting to wealth management, where his strategic acumen in financial planning shines. His dedication to professional growth and community involvement positions him as a trusted advisor for clients looking to protect and enrich their legacies.