Our Team

Who We Are

Leyland & Matters emerged from a vision shared by two seasoned professionals, Doug Leyland and Jordan Matters, to revolutionize the insurance landscape for wealthy Canadian families.

With over 35 years of combined experience in wealth management, insurance, and tax planning, we’re a team uniquely qualified to address the intricate financial needs of our clients.

Our foundation as Chartered Accountants ensures that every solution we propose is not just optimal but aligned with your broader financial aspirations.

Our Leadership

doug leyland headshot CPA, CA

Doug Leyland, CPA, CA, MBA

Doug Leyland isn’t just at the helm of Leyland & Matters; he’s at the forefront of redefining wealth management and insurance strategies for affluent Canadians.

jordan matters 2 leyland matters insurance solutions

Jordan Matters, CPA, CA, CIM

Jordan Matters brings a fresh, insightful perspective to wealth management, cultivated from extensive experience in public accounting and taxation of owner-managed companies.

Our Team

Behind Doug and Jordan stands a robust team of experts, each bringing their unique strengths to the table. From operations and client care managed by Jennifer Wessels to Reid Chessell’s expertise from spending close to a decade with one of Canada’s largest insurance companies, to the advanced case support led by James Deakin and Michelle Roussin, our team operates as a unified front to secure your prosperity.

TruStone Financial Inc. is an MGA (Managing General Agency) that provides Leyland & Matters preferred access to some of Canada’s most experienced insurance professionals as well as independent and objective access to top tier insurance carriers in Canada.