About Us

Pioneering Wealth Protection and Amplification

At Leyland & Matters, we stand at the forefront of safeguarding your legacy and amplifying your wealth through unique life insurance solutions.

We’re not just experts; we’re stewards of your future, dedicated to nurturing your wealth with the same care and precision you’ve invested in earning it.

Why Us?

Choosing Leyland & Matters means opting for clarity in a world often obscured by complexity.

Our independent advice slices through the cacophony of the marketplace, offering solutions that are as clear as they are effective.

We pride ourselves on our process-over-products approach, beginning with a deep dive into understanding your unique needs and circumstances.

This client-centric philosophy ensures that the strategies we recommend are always in your best interest, independent of any external influence. With Leyland & Matters, your legacy isn’t just preserved; it’s poised for growth.

Connect With Our Team

At Leyland & Matters, our strength lies in our exceptional team. Get to know the seasoned professionals behind our innovative wealth protection strategies.

From industry veterans like Doug Leyland and Jordan Matters to specialists across wealth management, insurance, and tax planning, each member brings unique insights to foster your financial growth.

Meet our team and discover the expertise and dedication that will guide your journey to financial security.

Discover Our Process

Understanding your unique financial landscape is just the beginning. Dive deeper into how we tailor our sophisticated insurance solutions to fit your life’s blueprint.

Our process is transparent and structured, designed to give you confidence and clarity every step of the way.

From initial consultation to ongoing management, learn how we create a personalized path to protect and enhance your wealth. Explore our process to see how we work for your prosperity.