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Our Uniquely Qualified Team

As CPA, CAs, Doug and Jordan understand the complex environment that wealthy Canadians like you must navigate. With combined 35+ years of experience in the insurance and wealth management industries that is rooted in taxation and accounting, they view your planning needs through a truly holistic lens.

It’s not just about you acquiring a life insurance policy, it’s about you understanding how all of your options correlate to your overall circumstances and determining the optimal solution to achieve your goals.

We will initiate the coordination of communication between your trusted advisory team that we find often includes your accountant, tax specialist, lawyer and investment advisor to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the guidance and direction of your financial plan.

Your circumstances. Our expertise. The right solution.

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Recommend & Implement Insurance Solutions

We’ll illustrate the potential solutions to achieve your goals and then you decide which of the presented options is preferred. We’ll then proceed with submitting your insurance application and coordinate underwriting with the chosen life insurance company.


Financial Peace Of Mind

Accept an offer and place the strategy in-force. We will be in touch with you at least annually to keep up to date and address any actionable items. Consider us your guide from start to finish.