Protect and Transition Wealth. Enhance Your Legacy.

Transforming uncertainty into confidence with tailored life insurance strategies for affluent Canadian families.

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Your Legacy Deserves More Than Just Preservation

Wealth isn’t just about numbers. It’s a beacon for the future you wish to create for those you hold dear and securing your legacy can be complex without the right guidance.

  • Tax burdens eroding your estate’s significance
  • Jeopardizing your family’s financial serenity
  • Championing the causes that resonate with you

Enhancing Your Legacy and Wealth

Robust Wealth Protection

With custom insurance-based strategies, we secure your assets for generations, ensuring your wealth continues to support your family and philanthropic interests.

Strategic Wealth Transition

Our expertly crafted strategies ensure a smooth and strategic transfer of your wealth, preparing your family for a prosperous future.

Growth-Oriented Strategies

Focused on expanding your estate’s value, our strategies are designed to enhance your financial well-being and ensure a resilient legacy.

Exclusive Insurance Solutions

Our access to premier insurance options provides comprehensive protection for your assets, offering peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Efficient Estate Planning

Leveraging decades of experience, we simplify the estate planning process, enabling you to easily preserve and grow your wealth.

Impactful Philanthropy

We help you leave a lasting mark through strategic philanthropic planning, aligning your charitable efforts with optimal tax benefits.

Your Legacy, Our Empathy and Expertise

At Leyland & Matters, we blend our deep knowledge with an intimate understanding of your family’s unique situation, crafting your personalized needs analysis that mirrors your specific journey. Your aspirations, your family, and your legacy are at the core of our mission.

With a extensive background in wealth management and permanent life insurance, we stand beside you not just as advisors but as steadfast partners in nurturing and safeguarding your legacy.

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Navigating Your Wealth Transition with Precision and Care

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Legacy. One word with such deep personal meaning.

We have come to realize through in-depth conversations with affluent clients that their biggest concern, the thing that keeps them up at night, is how to firstly protect and secondly grow their wealth. They have worked extremely hard to earn their wealth. They are deeply committed to protecting the assets they want to pass on to future generations and perhaps to valued charities leaving a lasting and positive impact on society. They have a desire to secure their legacy.

So that got us thinking – how could we enable clients to have more control over their wealth and their legacy? Our journey of discovery led us to one of the solutions –

Permanent Life Insurance.

We have acquired a deep understanding of the complex Canadian life insurance market. Life insurance is the most effective tax exempt investment in Canada. We marry our knowledge and expertise with a full understanding of our clients’ individual and family circumstances to create a needs analysis that reflects their unique situation. We then draw upon our extensive backgrounds as CAs in wealth advisory to develop the optimum strategy for our clients often collaborating with their full advisory team.

Welcome to Leyland & Matters, Private Client Insurance Advisors. We take pride in helping private clients protect and grow their legacy.

Want to learn more about enhancing your legacy? Grab a coffee and stay awhile.

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Doug Leyland CPA, CA, MBA

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Jordan Matters CPA, CA, CIM


Read what our clients and their advisors have to say about their experience with Leyland & Matters.


Architects of Enduring Legacies

At Leyland & Matters, we go beyond the role of insurance advisors; we’re architects of enduring legacies. Our expertise not only protects assets but empowers affluent Canadian families to master wealth management with unmatched clarity and insight.

Your Journey to Legacy Assurance


Schedule a Confidential Appointment

Let’s chat about your circumstances, what’s important to you, and how we can help. This first step is all about understanding your needs and goals. It’s a chance for you to ask questions and for us to gather the information we need to provide the best advice.


Recommend & Implement Insurance Solutions

Based on our understanding of your needs, we’ll illustrate the potential solutions to achieve your goals. You then decide which of the presented options is preferred. We’ll then proceed with submitting your insurance application and coordinate underwriting with the chosen life insurance company.


Safeguard and Enhance Your Legacy

Once the strategy is in place, we don’t just leave it at that. We will be in touch with you at least annually to keep up to date and address any actionable items. Consider us your private client insurance advisors from start to finish, ensuring your wealth is protected and growing.

Empowering Your Wealth Transition

Leyland & Matters recognizes your ambition to steward enduring wealth and influence. Achieving this demands strategic life insurance-based solutions integrated with your tax, estate, and wealth management strategy.

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The labyrinth of estate planning and wealth preservation can leave you adrift in uncertainty. We believe that affluent families deserve comprehensive, candid advice that seamlessly aligns with their life’s blueprint.

Embracing the gravity of these decisions, we extend our unparalleled expertise, rooted in decades of specialized insight into wealth management and insurance strategies.

Let us guide you toward a legacy that echoes through generations.

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